Michael T Wasserman
Michael T Wasserman

Michael Wasserman

Working With Business to Reduce Waste and Increase Profit

Experience That Matters

Businesses today, both large and small, are faced with vast challenges. How can your business turn a healthy profit, retain top talent, and be designed to have a minimal environmental footprint? These are the questions good leaders have, but the answers are less clear.

The good news is that these results are not mutually exclusive. Protecting the planet can help your bottom line and create a work culture that your employees love. What I can do is help reach these lofty goals.

I have experience working for both large government organization, NGOs, and SMEs. My tangible experience is grounded in world-class education including a Masters degree from the #1 ranked school in the world in development studies. This is all enhanced by my fluency in the Khmer language. 

I offer businesses and organizations a range of services including sustainability audits, business development consulting, and independent research or projects. Please continue to explore my page and do not hesitate with any questions.



Siem Reap, Cambodia


(+855) 99 268 587

Services I Offer

Sunstainability Audits

A third party audit that verifies your sustainability practices and provides a road map to future sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability consulting

Whether it is writing a grant for a green initiative or developing a new business plan my work can help your business reach its full potential.

Independent Research

My expertise in the circular economy, triple bottom line, and Microfinance along with my qualitative and quantitative research skills allow me to write at the highest quality.